In 2021 Cheap and Best Health Insurance for International Students in USA

Hey? Are you looking for some best and cheap health insurance in USA ? Here are some shot of  information about cheap and best health insurance for international students in USA.

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Whenever you are coming to USA as an international student, you should know about the health system. Because if you get sick or have an accident or any health problem in USA there will be nothing worse than that. Treatment too much expensive for an international student in USA. So it is best to search for a health insurance which covers all the requirements for an international student.

Cheap and Best Health Insurance for International Students in USA

Types Of Visa In USA

F1 Visa

F1 Visa is for those students who are trying to study in university, colleges or schools in USA.

According to the documents students who are studying more than 18 hours of study in a week require an F1 visa. This includes all undergraduate programs as well as graduate programs like MS, MBA, etc in USA

Spouses or children accompanying F-1 visa recipients will travel in USA on F-2 visa

J1 Visa

It is for the working professional who comes to America on an exchange program

USA Student Health Insurance Types

Mostly three types of medical Insurance plan  are available for the international students in USA. These are –

  • Mandatory Group Plan
  • Mandatory Group, with the Option to Waive
  • Optional Plan

Mandatory Insurance Plan

In USA some university, colleges, schools provides you a mandatory insurance plan with the admission fee, where you have take take their own insurance plan. Their is no option for selection
  • This types of plan comes very high for and individual students
  • Not applicable for any clinic outside of university, colleges
  • Have some coverage of mental health, preventive care

With multiple option but selected by university

Mostly this types of insurance plan have some option to select but normally your college or university will provide the company list and you have to pick among those plan. So it is partially selected or optional
  •  You have limited option
  • Mainly universes contact with this company and they select from those plan

Optional Insurance Plan

 These are something interesting, If you have no compulsory insurance plan then definitely go with this plan

It is mainly from the third party company and they provides you some value for money insurance plan with various coverages

  • Lots of option are available
  • Cheap, best, value for money insurance plan
  • You can claim money any clinic outside of your university

Terminology Of Health Insurance For International Student In USA

If you are trying to buy some medical insurance plan in US then you must have to know some terminology to study and select any health insurance plan


It is and amount of money or you may take as a limit if the treatment cost cross the limit then your insurance provider will pay otherwise you have to pay from your pocket

Suppose in a situation your treatment cost is near 2000$ but your deductible amount is 1000$. Then your insurance provider will pay the money. You don’t have to pay

In another situation if your treatment cost is 500$ but your deductible amount is 1000$. Then you have to pay the amount,i.e. 500$.

Generally health insurance deductibles often tend to be imposed on a term basis (e.g. annually), rather than a per visit threshold

Co-pay Or Co-payment

Co-pay health insurance is a type of insurance where a small portion or percentage of the total hospitalization is paid by the insured person, and the insurer covers the major portion.


Coinsurance is the percentage of covered medical expenses you pay after you’ve met your deductible. Your health insurance plan pays the rest.

For example, if you have an “70/30” plan, it means your plan covers 70% and you pay 30%—up until you reach your maximum out-of-pocket limit.


In insurance market some company act as an middle man, they provide you better facilities to search and compare any insurance plan in your budget. They brings the company in front of you from their registered list.

In-network / Out-of-network provider

For in-network providers, the rates of services have been negotiated between the doctors and the insurance company. Usually, your medical expenses will be lower at an in-network provider’s office compared to doctors that are out-of-network.

Out-of-pocket maximum

The highest amount you will pay during a policy period for covered treatments or services according to your plan benefits.


It is the amount you have to pay monthly basis to your health insurance provider. It is like subscription amount

When your are looking for a insurance plan, keep in mind that the plan with the lowest monthly premium may not be the best match for you. If you need much health care, a plan with a slightly higher premium but a lower deductible may save you a lot of money.


It is the amount  your health insurance provider will pay to you for the treatment


An insurance waiver is a document that includes the employee’s “declaration that you have been offered a plan, however, have chosen to refuse” the coverage offered and why. Depending on the organization or reason for the request, an employee may be required to provide proof of outside coverage.

Useful Information Before Looking For Health Insurance

  • Whenever you are coming to USA try to check up your whole body in your home country and know what problem you have
  • Whenever you are taking any insurance plan try to check the company is real or fake before taking medical insurance.
  • Know coverage of your insurance plan
  • Also know the time duration available for the exact plan
  • You should know the deductible value very carefully. It is too much important
  • So one most important thing is that you should also know hospital or clinic that comes under your insurance coverage.

First of all if see any hospital in your locality comes under your insurance plan or not.This will be helpful for you.

If it is close from your house then it will be easy treatment if you meet any accident.

If the insurance plan available in allover US then it will be beneficial for you.

  • Whenever you are coming and taking any third party insurance plan make sure to take it from a USA based insurance agency. Don’t Take it from any insurance company in your home country. Then you may face difficulties to claim the money
  • If you have children or partner with you then also see options for children or partner in your insurance plan
  • One thing to remember that if you have insurance plan that does not mean you don’t have to pay anything. You may have to pay for medicine, prescriptions
  • Your co-pay amount should be listed in your insurance plan documents or even on your insurance ID card. If you can’t find it, you should be able to find out the amount of your co-pay by calling the customer service number on your insurance ID card
  • Also see the plan details carefully. Check dental plan or eye insurance coverage is included or not.

Cheap and Best Health Insurance for International Students in USA

#ISO Insurance

ISO or is a leading market player of health insurance for international students and visitors to America. They also offer their best multi-lingual and dedicated customer care team

They have three plan with different facilities for the international students

Insurance Plan Minimum Amount Plan
Platinum75$Plan Details
Gold49$Plan Details
Silver31$Plan Details

#Compass Student Insurance

Compass Student Insurance makes it easy for you to find a medical provider by partnering with United Healthcare. This partnership gives you access to a top-performing preferred provider organization (PPO). Added benefits include waived deductibles and copays at Student Health Centers, and all plans meet the requirements of an American visa.

Savings planSee plan details
Care planSee plan details
Care plus planSee plan details
Benchmark planSee plan detail A

See plan detail B


Insubuy is a website, acting as a broker. where you can find a lots of insurance company with their plan. You can compare those company and their felicities putting your need

You can go their official site Insubuy


Aetna Student Health offers student health insurance plans to many colleges and universites throughout the USA.

The Student Secure plan of AETNA provides international student health insurance to both international and study abroad students who are studying outside of their home country.

There are four levels of coverage to choose from; Smart, Budget, Select, and Elite — so there will be a plan option to suit all requirements and budgets.

It offers coverage on a daily or monthly basis (with monthly payment option) that will meet many school and government requirements, and for those students on the J1 and F1 visa (even those on OPT) you are automatically eligible for coverage.


What is the difference between travel insurance and health insurance?

Travel insurance differs from health insurance policy. Travel insurance is for short time travel trip but heath insurance is always for long time

Does International Health Insurance Cover Travel to Other Countries ?

Most regular health insurance plans provide partial or no coverage while you are traveling in another country.But You can go for any international insurance company

Is there any medical insurance for international students that covers COVID ?

Yes! Most of the time, but you have to check their plan to be sure

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