{100% Working} Online Income BD Payment bKash 2023 Nagad

Online Income BD Payment bKash 2023 – Today you will know how you can get daily near 500 using your mobile phone! You know that no website pay which promising you to give money But trust me guy’s this site will pay more money as you want. What you have to do you have to do 10 -15 minutes survey daily.

The site name is YSense. Don’t worry I will show my income also. You will get to know how much I am getting from this site. First of all lets see the income proof then I will tell you how you can income

Payment Proof of YSense

  • Today – 23.07 USD or 2403.84 Taka 
  • Yesterday – 42.49 USD or 4427.36 Taka 


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Online Income BD Payment bKash 2023

Now I will guide you how to income online from bd using mobile phone to get payment in bkash nagad in this 2023 year

Step 1 – Open the link

First of all you have to visit the website using thisySense signup link . You will see a page

Step 2 – Sign Up to Create Account

Online Income BD Payment bkash 2023

On the first page of the website, you have to click on the email box under the text “Signup for free” and then enter your email id and then a password to join now.

Step 3 – Fill the Form

After clicking on “Join now”, you will be given a registration form on the next page where you have to enter your name.

online income bd payment bkash

After giving your correct name click on “next step” link.

Step 4 – Enter Username

At the end you will be asked to provide a username.( example- Pritam2023). You can give any username as your own.

online income site bd payment bkash

Click on complete button below with Username.

Now your ySense account will be created and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Step 5 – Verify Email

But the account setup process is not over yet. You must verify your email ID to earn money online from your ySense account.

online income bd payment bkash 2023

As soon as the new ySense account is created, you will be asked to verify your email id in the dashboard.

So, go to the inbox of the email you created your ySense account with.

You will see a verification mail from ySense in your email service provider’s inbox.

online income bd payment bkash 2023

Open the email directly and click on the “confirm email address” link below.

Now, your ySense account will be fully activated.

How to Income Online in Bkash Nagad BD 2023

But you will be paid $0.05 for profile update.

online income bd payment bkash nagad

You have to update your profile directly by clicking on the profile (unlock surveys). Remember, every paid survey will be opened for you after completing this process. And, you can earn a good amount of dollars by doing paid surveys.

As you can see, each paid survey will take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete. However, by doing paid surveys, you can get as low as $.52 to $9.14. In fact, unlike some paid surveys you can be paid more than that.

How to income from Paid Survey in Bkash Nagad

Earning money from home by doing online paid surveys is currently one of the most popular methods. You just need to go to some popular paid survey websites and create an account. After creating an account you will be given a lot of surveys which you will be paid if done correctly. ySense is a website where you are paid for completing various types of surveys. You can earn about $0.5 to $9 or more for completing each survey here.

You can earn by doing new daily survey every day and by doing the survey of other networks given above. You can see the surveys by clicking on surveys from your ySense dashboard. Log in to your account every day to get quick updates on new surveys.

Earn Money from Cash offer in bKash Nagad

You can complete the cash offers and earn here. Meaning, if you click on the Offers tab of ySense, you can see different types of offers. You may be asked to do different things in the offers.

For example, buying products or services, downloading new apps, signing up on websites, watching videos, etc. You can see the various offers by clicking on the offers tab from the ySense dashboard.

You can earn anywhere from $1 to $50 or more for completing each offer.

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