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Robi Internet Offer monthly 30 days – Here we provide all the Robi recharge offers of Robi internet packages or Robi internet recharge offers. This list is created according to the recent Robi offers from their official site. Here users will find the detailed data of internet packages that are available by recharge. So if you are looking for Robi recharge offer internet/Robi internet recharge offer 2021/Robi recharge offer 2021 pick anyone from this list

Robi Internet Offer

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Robi Internet Offer Monthly

If you want Robi Monthly Internet Offer down then you can safely pick it up here. We have created a table of Robi Monthly Internet Offers here.

Total DataPriceActive CodeValidity
1.50 GBTk. 209*123*209#30 days
1.5GBTk. 209*123*209#30 days
2GBTk. 239*123*239#28 days
2GB (0.5GB 4G)+150Min + 150 SMSTk. 251*123*251#28 days
4GBTk. 316*123*316#28 days
5GB+500Min + 100 SMSTk. 599*123*599#30 days
7GB (2GB 4G)Tk. 399*123*399#28 days
7GB (any)+250Min+100 SMSTk. 499*123*999# *123*00999#30 days
10GBTk. 399*123*399#28 days
10GB (3GB 4G)Tk. 501*123*501#28 days
15GBTk. 649*123*649#28 days
20GB+500Min+200 SMSTK. 999*123*999# *123*00999#30 days

ROBI Freedom Internet Packs Offer

There are four individual packs offered by ROBI under Freedom Packs. These internet packs have been separated by their amount of data and the validity period. The good news is those data volumes can be used in every kind of environment like 2G, 3G or even in 4G network.

This is not a big deal whether you are a prepaid customer or a postpaid. Anybody can avail of those offers. The procedures will remain the same for both.

4 GB 28 Days at 316 Taka

The very first data pack is providing 4 GB internet data with 28 days of validity period at 316 Taka only. If you want to surf the internet without any tension throughout the whole month, then this pack could come handy for you. The activation code of purchasing this freedom pack is *123*316#. You can buy this offer through recharging also. At that time, you will have to recharge exactly the amount of 316 Taka and you are done.

3 GB 7 Days at 108 Taka

Don’t wonder seeing the amount is being charged for this pack! You are getting 3 GB internet data only at 108 Taka. It has been possible as you are not getting the highest amount of validity age like the previous one here. As you will have to consume all these 3 GB within 7 days, that’s why ROBI has decided to provide this pack at a cheaper rate. Just recharge 108 Taka or dial *123*108# to avail this amazing offer provided ROBI internet packs.

2 GB 3 Days at 54 Taka

ROBI 2 GB Freedom pack is available now for only 54 Taka. You can buy this offer directly from the official website of ROBI Axiata limited. Besides, the regular methods of purchasing are also available there. Dial *123*54# as activation code or recharge 54 Taka if you are lazy enough to dial also. From the activation period, this pack will be valid for the next 72 hours or 3 solid days.

1 GB 3 Days at 23 Taka

This one is the cheapest among all the data offers under Robi Freedom Packs. ROBI 1 GB offer is being offered at only 23 Taka including 3 days of validity period also. All the prepaid and postpaid users are eligible to buy the pack with the same USSD code. This time *123*230# will be used as an activation code. You will get 20% 4G data as a bonus with this pack. Recharging 23 takas can be another way of purchasing this ROBI 1 GB offer pack. Dial *3# to check your data balance anytime.

Activation Codes of ROBI Freedom Packs Offer 2021

VolumeValidityPriceActivation Code
4 GB28 DaysBDT 316*123*316#
3 GB7 DaysBDT 108*123*108#
2 GB3 DaysBDT 54*123*54#
1 GB3 DaysBDT 23*123*230#

ROBI Internet Volume Packs

Most of the ROBI Volume Packs’ offers are designed with a high volume of data, and in some cases, the validity period got important. But in both cases, users will be the winner. Let’s check out some of them below and you’ll get a clear idea about ROBI Volume packs internet offer 2021.

15 GB 28 Days at 649 Taka

Robi is providing 15GB data in this volume pack. You will get 28 days long validity period with it. The cost is a little bit higher because of this longevity. Dial *123*649# as activation code or recharge exactly 649 Taka to avail of this offer. VAT, SD, and SC are applicable for all of the offer plans in volume packs.

10 GB 7 Days at 199 Taka

At this moment ROBI is offering two individual offers of 10GB Data under Volume packs. The first one is available for the cost of BDT 199 only. The main reason for the cheaper rate is its validity. This pack is providing only 7 days validity period with it. So, if you are a heavy internet user, this pack is absolutely for you. Buy this offer with this activation code *123*0199# if you want. The amount will be deducted from your account balance with a confirmation SMS in return.

10 GB 28 Days at 501 Taka

Another 10GB offer is quite different from the previous one. This time you will get 28 days of longevity with this offer and the most important thing is 3GB of this offer will be 4G data. The rest of the 7GB data will be 3G. So, you will enjoy this ROBI 10GB (7GB + 3GB) volume pack for 501 Taka with 28 Days’ validity. Here *123*501# is the USSD code to activate this offer.

7 GB 28 Days at 399 Taka

7GB pack is also a bit similar to the previous one. This time you will get 5GB data which is compatible with any network and another 2GB for 4G network. The activation code is *123*399# here. BDT 399 is the number of the amount which will be cut from your account after dialing this code if you want to purchase this volume pack. You will get 28 days to finish it up.

6 GB 7 Days at 148 Taka

Introducing a weekly pack under ROBI volume packs which will give you 6GB data for 7 days. This offer will cost you 148 taka only. Both Postpaid and the prepaid users are eligible for this pack. Dial *123*148# to purchase this ROBI 6GB offer.

3 GB 3 Days at 61 Taka

It’s an internet package with a short lifetime, which is only 3 days long. You will get 3GB data for 61 Taka only. Dial *123*061# to enjoy this offer. Only prepaid users are eligible for this volume pack.

2 GB 28 Days at 239 Taka

Another monthly pack for you! Recharge 239 Taka or dial *123*239# to enjoy 2GB internet data for 28 days. For checking balance, dial *3# anytime.

1.5 GB for 30 Days at 209 Taka

Now you can surf the internet for the whole month without any tension. ROBI has designed a 30 days plan with 1.5GB internet data at 209 Taka only. At least you will not feel the scarcity of data for the next 30 days. Dial *123*209# to avail of this pack. Recharging 209 Taka will also work for this purpose.

1.1 GB 7 Days at 101 Taka

Recharge BDT 101 to avail 1.1GB data with 7 days validity period. The activation code of this offer is *123*101#. You will be charged 101 taka including VAT, SC, and SD.

1 GB 3 Days at 41 Taka

Looking for a short period’s data offer? Here is a good one for you. 1GB internet is being offered by ROBI at 41 Taka only. The best part of it is you will get 3 days of validity age also to finish this 1000 MB data. If you find this is exciting enough, dial *123*41# to purchase it.

1 GB 4 Days at 48 Taka

This time you will get more 24 hours to spend all of that 1 GB data like the previous package. The total you will obtain 1GB internet data for 48 Taka with 4 Days validity period. *123*48# is the Activation code for this offer. You can also recharge 48 Taka to buy this pack.

1 GB 28 Days 128 Taka

The third one of the 1GB volume packs is providing more longevity like 28 days with it. For those extra facilities, you will have to expanse extra money also. ROBI will charge you BDT 128 for this 1 GB internet pack. Dial *123*128# to avail of this offer.

750 MB 14 Days at 74 Taka

Enjoy 750MB data for half of a month with only 74 Taka. You will get 14 days validity with it once you recharge the exact amount of BDT 74 or dial *123*0074# which is its USSD code.

250 MB 28 Days at 46 Taka

If you are a very light user, but you just want to make you alive on the internet world or social media platforms, then this pack could come handy for you. Get 250 MB for long 28 days, which is like almost a full month. Dial *123*110# to avail this offer or recharge 46 taka directly from any of the stores where recharge is available near you.

Activation Codes of ROBI Volume Packs Offer 2021

VolumeValidityPriceActivation Code
15 GB28 DaysBDT 649*123*649#
10 GB7 DaysBDT 199*123*0199#
10 GB28 DaysBDT 501*123*501#
7 GB28 DaysBDT 399*123*399#
6 GB7 DaysBDT 148*123*148#
3 GB3 DaysBDT 61*123*061#
2 GB28 DaysBDT 239*123*239#
1.5 GB30 DaysBDT 209*123*209#
1.1 GB7 DaysBDT 101*123*101#
1 GB3 DaysBDT 41*123*41#
1 GB4 DaysBDT 48*123*48#
1 GB28 DaysBDT 128*123*128#
750 MB14 DaysBDT 74*123*0074#
250 MB28 DaysBDT 46*123*110#

ROBI Social Packs

ROBI Social Packs are made for the users who love to spend time on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, IMO or Snapchat, etc. Robi Axiata Limited is trying to serve customized data packs at a cheap rate with much longer validity age to its specific customers. Comparatively these social packs are quite good than other operators. You will get an idea if you have enough time to go through a few words about ROBI Social packs described below.


You have already understood what this pack about is. ROBI is offering 1 GB data pack to the users who use IMO frequently. Many of our countries use IMO to keep contact through free internet voice calls, video call or text messages with their beloved family members or friends who live so far from them. However, this pack will allow connecting with people for 28 days for the cost of 53 Taka only. Remember, only IMO App can be used with this offer. Recharge exactly 53 Taka to avail of this ROBI Imo Pack. You can dial *123*056# as the activation code also if you don’t want to go for recharging at all.

ROBI 1 GB Facebook &Whatsapp Pack

Facebook &Whatsapp has been a part of our daily life right now. At this moment, the highest number of people use Facebook from a single city is Dhaka. That’s why ROBI has just brought a great social pack as their customer can use Facebook and WhatsApp at a much cheaper rate than other operators.

This social pack includes 1 GB facebook and Whatsapp internet data at BDT 49 only with 30 days of the validity period. Dial *123*250#to avail this ROBI 1 GB social pack.

ROBI 800 MB Social Pack

ROBI 800 MB Social Pack is divided into two parts. The first part is for using any type of browsing. For that purpose, you will get 600 MB, and in the other part of this pack, you will obtain 200 MB to use Facebook and IMO only.  7 days of validity age will be provided to consume this pack. BDT 49 will be deducted from your account if you dial *123*049# to buy this pack. This offer can also be purchased by a data scratch card.

ROBI 350 MB Facebook &Whatsapp Pack

Can you imagine browsing Facebook and Whatsapp for a whole month expensing 18 taka only? Yes, it’s possible now on ROBI Internet! They are providing 350 MB social data to use Facebook and WhatsApp with 28 days of longevity. The activation code for this pack is *123*0250#.

ROBI 350 MB IMO Pack

Besides the previous pack of Facebook and WhatsApp, ROBI is also offering a different social pack for browsing IMO with almost a full month of validity. You will get 350 MB IMO data pack with 28 days’ validity for only 20 taka. Dial *123*56# to avail this ROBI IMO offer.

ROBI 200 MB Social Pack

This is a social pack offered by ROBI for a short period. You can enjoy 200 MB data which will be divided into two individual parts (100 MB + 100 MB FB & IMO Bonus). Validity will be 72 hours or 3 days. You can avail of this offer by dialing *123*019# and scratch card as well. Scratch cards can be found at the retail stores near your location.

ROBI 100 MB Social Pack

The most mini or tiny pack offered by ROBI is 100 MB at BDT 10 with 3 Days validity. This offer includes 60 MB data for any use and the other 40 MB can be used to browse Facebook and IMO only. To avail of this offer, dial *123*0010# or just go to your nearest ROBI retail outlet and buy a data scratch card for 10 taka.

Activation Codes of ROBI Social Pack offer 2021

VolumeValidityPriceActivation Code
1 GB IMO pack28 DaysBDT 53*123*056#
1 GB FB + Whatsapp30 DaysBDT 49*123*250#
800 MB7 DaysBDT 49*123*049#
350 MB28 DaysBDT 18*123*0250#
350 MB IMO pack28 DaysBDT 20*123*56#
200 MB3 DaysBDT 19*123*019#
100 MB3 DaysBDT 10*123*0010#

ROBI Combo Packs

ROBI Combo Packs have been designed with the combination of three different things that you used to purchase separately from the operator. But this time, you are going to get all these three things (internet data, talk-time & text messages) in one single pack. Most of the packs will be applicable for both, prepaid and postpaid connections. If there is anyone who is not applicable for both, that will be mentioned in the description.

You can check your internet balance through dialing *3#.  To check minute dial *222*8# and to check SMS dial *222*12#.

20GB Data, 500 Minutes & 200 SMS

In this Combo pack, you will get 20GB internet data which can be used at any network like 2G, 3G or 4G. You will also enjoy 500 minutes talk-time with 200 SMS as well. 30 days of validity age will be given to finish it all. There are two activation codes for this pack. You can dial either *123*999# or *123*00999#, both are valid. BDT 999 will be deducted from your account.

7GB Data, 250 Minutes & 100 SMS

The characteristic of this pack is almost the same as the previous one. But you will get almost half of that at half price. Here 7GB internet data has been offered including 250 minutes of talk time and 100 SMS in the same pack. All of this stuff can be purchased with 499 taka only with 30 days of the validity period. Dial *123*999# or *123*00999# to avail of this offer. Recharging BDT499 is also a valid process of getting this offer as well.

5GB Data, 500 Minutes & 100 SMS

This combo pack consists of 500 minutes talk-time and 100 SMS with 5GB internet data. The validity period is 30 days long. All of these facilities can be found with the cost of BDT 599 only. The activation code of this combo pack is *123*599#. Both the prepaid and postpaid users can avail of this offer in the same way.

2GB Data, 150 Minutes & 150 SMS

2GB internet data have been divided into two parts. Here 1.5GB is for 2G and 3G network and the remained 0.5GB is for 4G network only. You will get 150 minutes and 150 SMS included in this pack for only 251taka with 28 days of validity. Get this offer by purchasing a mobile balance of the exact amount or dial *123*251# as the activation code.

1 GB Data, 50 Minutes & 100 SMS

Bad news for the postpaid users, because only prepaid users of ROBI can avail of this offer which consists of 1GB internet data, 50 minutes of talk time and 100 SMS for only 98 taka including 7 days of the validity period. Dial *123*098# to get this offer.

1GB Internet, 75 Minutes, 30 SMS

For BDT 149, now you can enjoy 1GB internet, 75 minutes and 30 SMS with 28 days of validity. You will get this offer when you’ll dial *123*999# or *123*00999# on your dial-pad. This offer is available for prepaid and postpaid both users.

700 MB, 25Minutes & 25 SMS

The last one of the Combo Packs is quite budgeting friendly. This pack includes 700 MB internet data, 25minutes talk-time and 25 SMS, which is applicable for both, prepaid and post will be available for only 58 taka with 7 days validity period. The activation code of this pack is *123*058#.

Activation Codes of ROBI Combo Packs Offer 2021

VolumeValidityPriceActivation Code
20GB+500min+200 SMS30 DaysBDT 999*123*999#
7GB+250min+100 SMS30 DaysBDT 499*123*00999#
5GB+500min+100 SMS30 DaysBDT 599*123*599#
2GB+150min+150 SMS28 DaysBDT 251*123*251#
1GB+50min+100 SMS7 DaysBDT98*123*098#
1GB+75min+30 SMS28 DaysBDT 149*123*999#
700MB+25min+25 SMS7 DaysBDT 58*123*058#

Robi Scratch Card Packs

There are a few internet and minute packs which can be found through scratch cards in the nearer retail store of your place. Buy the card, scratch on the black part and find out the hidden code number. Put them on your screen by following the instruction given on that card. That’s it.

800 MB Scratch Card Pack

ROBI is offering 800 MB internet data through scratch cards divided into two individual parts. The first 600 MB is for any use and the other 200 MB bonus data will be applicable for Facebook and IMO only. This offer will be valid for 7 days after purchase. BDT49 is the cost of this pack.

200 MB (100 MB any + 100 MB social)

200 MB internet data can be bought for 19 taka only. 100 MB of them are for any use and the other 100 MB is for using Facebook and IMO. The validity period will be 3 days.

200 MB & 20 Minutes

It’s a combo pack that can be purchased through scratch cards only. This pack offers you 200 MB interne data including 20 minutes of talk-time with it. You will get 7 days to finish it all. BDT29 will be the cost of that card.

75 MB (50 MB any + 25 MB Bonus)

For 3 days of short use, you can buy this pack for only 9 taka. This pack consists of a total 75 MB internet data. 50 MB of them can be expensed for any use and the remained 25 MB data will be booked for Facebook and IMO only.

Robi Internet Offer 1gb 15 tk

This is mainly for customers who want to use more internet at a lower cost. So you will get 1 GB of internet for 15 takas. Follow the instructions below to get this offer.

  • This Offer Price: 15 Tk

  • Activation Code: *212*15#

  • Validity: 5 Days

Robi 1.5 GB Internet Offer

In case you want a small amount of fantastic Robi monthly internet offers monthly, I counsel you to use the 1.5 GB Web pack. This Robi internet pack provides priced only at 209 Taka. You can avail of this Internet offers for 30 days.

  • To active this internet offer, dial *123* 209#
  • This internet validity is 30 days.
  • It would be best if you bought multiple times.
  • The internet offer applies to all Robi subscribers.

Robi 4 GB Internet Offer

If you wish to use a 4 GB internet pack for 28 days, it can price you only 239 Taka. In case you want a small amount of web, then this internet provides most vital to you. You should buy 4 GB Internet packs by dialing USSD Code from right here.

  • To active this internet offer, dial *123*239#
  • This internet validity is 28 days.
  • It would be best if you bought multiple times.
  • The internet offer applies to all Robi subscribers.

Robi Internet Offer 30 days

Robi 7 GB Internet Offer

Robi provides 7GB of internet at a less high price. You’re getting a 7GB internet offer package for only 399 Taka. That is Robi Monthly Internet package provides. You may dial the USSD Code and grab this bundle.

  • To active this internet offer, dial *123* 289#
  • This internet validity is 30 days.
  • It would be best if you bought multiple times.
  • The internet offer applies to all Robi subscribers.

Robi Internet Package 30 days

Robi 10 GB Internet Offer

What wouldn’t it seem like in the present day if I have been to provide you a present of Robi’s low-cost Robi monthly internet package offer. Hopefully, this internet offers is essential for you. Robi has just given a bundle of 10 GB internet provides for 399 Taka.

  • To active this internet offer, dial * 123 * 501#
  • This internet validity is 28 days.
  • It would be best if you bought multiple times.
  • The internet offer applies to all Robi subscribers.

Robi 15 GB Internet Offer

Robi customers are getting 15 GB of the internet with extra validity. You may enjoy all of the prepaid and postpaid engaging internet offers. You may recharge this provide and purchase by dialing USSD Code. However, the obtain pace is excessive due to the beautiful internet provide.

  • To active this internet offer, dial *123*649#
  • This internet validity is 28 days.
  • It would be best if you bought multiple times.
  • The internet offer applies to all Robi subscribers

Robi Internet Package monthly

Robi 20 GB Internet Offer

Right now, I’ll focus on with you the main points of Robi 20GB internet offer. Robi has the most generous 20GB Internet offer. This provides consists of 600 minutes of talk time bundle offers. You should buy 20GB internet provide for under 599 Taka. This excellent Robi Monthly Internet Offer shall be out there for all prepaid and postpaid customers to enjoy.

  • To active this internet offer, dial *123*499#
  • This internet validity is 30 days.
  • It would be best if you bought multiple times.
  • The internet offer applies to all Robi subscribers.

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